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Welcome to the Video Tutorials section. In the next few lessons, we will explore the features of Oracle SOA Suite 11g by incrementally building a solution to address a fictious Order Processing use-case. We are going to cover SOA Suite products as we expand the scope of the use-case because we feel the best way to learn any product is to implement a project.

All of these projects are available from Downloads section of the website.

  1. Hello World Video Tutorial: Simple BPEL process that echoes input string with “Hello” prefix.
  2. Meditor Example: This example talks about a simple Order Processing use-case that pulls orders from a flat file and saves them to Database. In the process, we’ll learn about File and Database Adapters, Mediator and Routing Rules.
  3. Human Workflow Example: Example further extends the Order Processing use-case to introduce human approval for specifif order types that requires approval of Depot Manager.
  4. Mediator Error Hospital Revisits Human Workflow example to demonstrate how to retry/abort failed transactions using Error Hospital.
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