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Hello Domain Value Map!!!

Domain value maps are a way of storing lookup values in SOA server such that these lookup values can be easily edited at run time using SOA console, shared across composites and stored in MDS. Creation of MDS is done using Oracle JDeveloper and once it is deployed onto the SOA server, its values can be easily modified and managed using SOA console.

In this example, we have a simple BPEL project which takes an input country name and returns the relevant country code back to the user by using a to look up the country code.

Some Screenshots

Create a new SOA project

Composite Template
Select a simple BPEL template to create a composite. You can try using DVM from other components on your own.

Hello DVM Project
Create a Hello DVM project.

Give HelloDVMBPEL as the BPEL process name. Make sure to select synchronous process with default input and output.

Modify XSD
Modify the default XSD so that your process takes country name as input and returns a valid country code as response.

Create a new DVM
Create a new DVM by right clicking the project or transformations folder in JDeveloper and create a DVM as shown below.

DVM Config options
Enter name and default fields of the DVM as shown.

DVM Values
Enter DVM values for the dvm as shown below.

Assign activity
Add a simple assign activity between recieve and reply activities of BPEL. Assign activity will look like below after the expression is added.

Assignment expression
Use the dvm lookup function as shown below. Compile and deploy the process onto the server.

Testing composite
From EM console, test the composite by providing a valid country name like INDIA.

You should get a valid response after looking up the value from DVM.

SOA Composer
Go to SOA Composer – /soa/composer url on your SOA server – and open the dvm file you have deployed. Add new domain values to it.

Commit changes in the composer
Make sure to save and commit your changes to the DVM.

Test with new value
Test the process with the value you just added.

Composite Template
If the changes to DVM is successfully committed, you should get a valid response..

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    My name is Manohara Viswanath I’m a part of the global HR team with Virtusa and I’m trying to network/recruit with folks for Oracle Web Center Portal Senior Architect roles throughout the UK. I’m recruiting for several roles for Virtusa. I have found your details in job site and presently we perceive that there may be synergies between your expertise and an existing Mobility Architect position. I would like to speak with you over the phone to better understand & align your expertise & aspirations with the role. Please let me know your convenience & availability.

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  2. am getting the error ;
    Error(65): namespace prefix “dvm” can not be resolved.

    I am not using “dvm” as a namespace.

    Appreciate the good work you are doing for beginners like us.
    Please update on more POC’s that you have on SOA.

    Thank you.

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    • Pratik, make sure you have dvm namespace declared in or element. If issue persists, please email your project to oracle@middlewareschool.com and we’ll have a look for you.

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